Previous Episode : Domestic Intrigue

Scene 1 : Carrington Mansion (Lobby)

Jeanette and Gerard make it to the bottom of the steps. Gerard wisely suggests that they call an ambulance.

Scene 2 : La Mirage (Lobby)

Claudia is about to leave when she hits on Brady. He is back from Los Angeles earlier than he planned but can not find Dominique. Claudia informs him that she is in Turkey. Blake sent her there with Adam. Brady, who has difficulty keeping his cool, wants to know what the hell she is doing in Turkey but Claudia does not know, she may be a Carrington but Blake never talks of his business with her.

Scene 3 : Carrington Mansion (Lobby)

An ambulance will take too long so Blake will bring her to the hospital. Jeanette gets some pillows and a blanket. In the meantime, Krystle has gone into labor so she is going to give birth in the mansion.

Scene 4 : Carrington Mansion (Master Bedroom)

Gerard calls the ambulance but Claudia arrives at the mansion before it. Krystle is brought into her bedroom.

Scene 5 : La Mirage (Nikki's room)

Jeff is in Nicole's room when her dress is delivered. Jeff asks Nicole for a $5 bill to tip the guy and she tells him that her purse is in her top drawer. In that top drawer Jeff finds a picture of Peter De Vilbis which he signs for Nicki, his adoring wife. Jeff demands to know what is Nicole's deal.

Scene 6 : Carrington Mansion (Library)/Turkey Hotel (Adam's suite)

Adam wants to know if Blake heard about Rashid Ahmed. Steven tells him that he must do.

Scene 7 : Carrington Mansion (Master Bedroom)/Denver Street

The ambulance takes too long so Krystle gives birth in the bedroom. Claudia delivers the baby girl and it does cry. But then, Claudia notices the baby is not breathing. Blake performs CPR on the baby and pleads with it to breath.

Scene 8 : Carrington Mansion (Lobby/Staircase)

The EMTs arrive.

Scene 9 : Carrington Mansion (Master Bedroom)

The baby still does not breathe.

Scene 10 : La Mirage (Nikki's room)

So Nicki tells Jeff her story. She tells Jeff that Peter was always looking for a way to get rich quickly and she is aware of this Caribbean Island. However she does not know where it is located exactly but Peter's lawyer tells her that Peter gave the map to Fallon. That is why she was so interested in Fallon. She wants to find the map. Nicki attempts to get Jeff to become a real estate developer. Jeff shows little interest until he learns that Peter was in Los Angeles with some model, Birgit. Maybe it was Birgit, and not Fallon, that was in that plane that crashed.A bellboy interrupts them : there is a message for Jeff, he needs to go to the hospital.

Scene 11 : Memorial Hospital

The EMTs get everyone to the hospital alive. Blake is worried sick about his wife and daughter. Krystle has a slight concussion and the child is in the state you would expect for being born premature.

Scene 12 : Memorial Hospital (Neo-Natal Unit)

While Blake stands vigil for the baby, Jeff arrives. Blake and Jeff make peace. Then Blake is told by a doctor that her daughter is suffering from respiratory distress syndrome.

Scene 13 : Memorial Hospital

Steven and Claudia are worried about Blake even though they think he could find a way to cope with the baby's death. But Krystle will never be able to recover. Blake joins them and tells Steven he needs to go with Luke Fuller to Santa Barbara to get a handle on the oil spill situation. Claudia is not thrilled about this but Adam can't go there since he still is in Turkey. Once Blake is left, Claudia tells Steven that she feels he is pulling away and that she feels threatened by Luke. Steven does not understand why so she spits it out : she believes Luke is gay. Steven claims he does not care, he loves Claudia and does not plan to cheat on her with anyone.

Scene 14 : ColbyCo (Alexis' office)

Alexis is informed by Rosalind that Blake is snooping around.

Scene 15 : Memorial Hospital (Visitor's Lounge)

Alexis arrives with gifts for the baby. But there is more. She does not appreciate Blake investigating into Amanda's paternity. Blake is appalled that Alexis would raise the issue at this point.

Scene 16 : Memorial Hospital (Krystle's room)

Krystle wants to see the baby girl. But Blake thinks she is not strong enought right now.

Scene 17 : Penthouse/Penthouse (Terrace)

Dex is not thrilled because Alexis is behaving coldly towards him. There is only one reason for that - Blake. Dex goes out to the patio of the penthouse to cool off and Amanda is just standing there. Amanda's flirting seems to go a bit too far but when Dex calls her bluff by acting interested, Amanda pulls away.

Scene 18 : Carrington Mansion (Library)/Santa Barbara Hotel (Steven's room)

Steven and Luke are working late, and Luke spills some club soda on Steven's shirt. When Luke tries to dry it, Steven pulls away and snaps at Luke. Steven goes to change his shirt and looks at his reflection and probably ponders his homosexual feelings.

Scene 19 : Memorial Hospital (Neo-Natal Unit)

Krystle is eager to see her baby. After seeing the baby struggle and fight for life, Krystle wants to name the child Kristina after a childhood friend who was such a fighter.

Scene 20 : Memorial Hospital (Visitor's Lounge)

Amanda pays a visit to Blake in the hospital and can see that Blake is really hurting. Blake responds that Amanda reminds him of Fallon. Only Fallon could see through his facade.

Scene 21 : Memorial Hospital (Neo-Natal Unit)

Krystle and Claudia talk about the courage Claudia was able to find to survive after Lindsay died.

Scene 22 : Memorial Hospital (Exteriors - Phone booth)/Santa Barbara Hotel (Steven's room)

Claudia calls Steven's room but Luke answers the phone because he just entered to drop off some papers. When Claudia asks where Steven is, Luke says the shower, which is true. Claudia does not want to leave a message.

Scene 23 : La Mirage (Dominique's suite)/Turkey Hotel (Dominique's room)

Brady has been finally able to reach Dominique : what is she doing in Turkey? Has she something to do with Rashid Ahmed's death that make headnews in United States ? Dominique tells him everything. Brady is furious : she puts her life a danger just for Blake Carrington ! And for peanuts because he might not admit that Dominique is her sister. Brady is sick and tired about this and hang up the phone on Dominique.

Scene 24 : La Mirage (Claudia's office)

Brady comes to see Claudia because he wants to apologize for having been rude with her. He finds her crying, probably believing her husband is having an affair. Both admit to be attracted to each other and feel that their spouses are pulling away from them. The two begin to kiss.

Scene 25 : Memorial Hospital (Krystle's room)

Kristina better fights some more because she is starting to go into a state that can lead to seizures, and, even worse, death.

Next Episode : Swept Away

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