Josh Harris
Josh Harris

Tom Schanley (photo shoot for season 8)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "The Surrogate Part I" (1987)
Last appearance "The New Moguls" (1987)
Portrayed by Tom Schanley

Romanced with

Sammy Jo Reece (1987)






One of the top athletes on Blake Carrington's football team was Josh Harris, a promising young man who could have been the next Joe Montana. His golden locks and wide smile added to his athletic ability made him very popular - that is, except for Steven Carrington.

Steven took over Blake's football team for a while and came down hard on Josh whose game was starting to get sloppy. Digging further, Steven came to realize that Josh was a cocaine addict. Steven put Josh on the line: either quit drugs or quit the team. Adam anonymously leaked the story to the press.

Josh tried to put his life back on track. Helping him was Sammy Jo, which didn't sit well with Steven. Josh loved Sammy Jo and eventually asked her to marry him, but she refused. This sent Josh over the edge. He wasn't strong enough to give up the drugs, and died from a cocaine overdose. Sammy Jo found him the next morning, concerned by his unanswered calls. It was hard for Sammy Jo, but she eventually came to terms with Josh's death.

In homage to Josh, the entire football team agreed to take a volunteer drug test. This helped out Blake's campaign for governor, so in the end, some good came from Josh's tragedy.

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