Jonathan Lake
When the United States State Department questioned Blake Carrington about his affairs in Moldavia, they sent one of their top men to Denver to investigate Jonathan Lake. Lake made a poor impression on Blake and his sister, Dominique. Dominique thought the man to rude and obnoxious. Later she changed her opinion of him when he came to apologize for his behavior. He told her how she once saved his life without knowing it. He was in Paris at the time, working on a very important peace treaty as Under Secretary at the American Embassy. In Paris, his wife died unexpectedly, and dealing with such an important treaty, he fell apart. He planned to commit suicide by jumping into the River Seine. He stopped by Dominique's for one last glass of wine. There he heard an angel singing: Dominique. It was her voice that saved him. Lake never forgot it. They dated for a while afterwards, but Dominique's heart never belonged to Lake. Garrett Boydston was back in her life, and she accepted his proposal. Lake stepped down from his position at the State Department, and accepted a position with Bart Fallmont.

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