Johnny Zorelli
John Zorelli

Ray Abruzzo (photo shoot for season 9)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "Broken Krystle" (1988)
Last appearance "Catch 22" (1989)
Portrayed by Ray Abruzzo

Romanced with

Fallon Carrington (1988-1989)





Sergent (1980-1989)

Sgt. John "Johnny" Zorelli, a Philadelphia born cop living in Denver, took on his greatest, most challenging, most puzzling case - the murder of Roger Grimes.

After eight years of successful police work, Zorelli stumbled onto the case in 1988, when a body was found floating in the lake at Delta Rho, Sammy Jo Reece's ranch. What made this more than the usual drowning case was the fact that this man had been dead for twenty to thirty years. The clues were few and didn't piece together. When the body was identified as Roger Grimes, Blake Carrington became the prime murder suspect.

As Zorelli continued his investigation, he never expected to fall in love with the suspect's daughter, Fallon Carrington. Fallon was looking for answers just as much as Zorelli. The two often clashed at first, but they couldn't deny the attraction they shared. Before it was over with, Fallon ended up sleeping with the man who was trying to put her father in jail.

Blake was willing, though, to take the blame for Roger's murder – if it would throw the police off the trail of what was at the bottom of the lake - Nazi treasure. Evidence started to mount up against Blake. Then the unthinkable happened. Zorelli was dropped from the case. Soon Zorelli realized the police department was hiding something, and with the help of his partner Det. Rudy Richards, he helped to expose Captain William Handler was after the loot.

Along the way, he and Fallon became passionate lovers. He helped Fallon deal with her nightmares of Roger Grimes until they came to root of her problems - the repressed memory that she murdered Roger Grimes. Zorelli and Fallon remained lovers, until Fallon went back to her husband Jeff Colby. They had another short affair, but Zorelli lost Fallon again, this time to Miles Colby, Jeff's brother.

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