Jesse Atkinson
Sean Rowan recruited Jesse Atkinson to be "Adam Carrington's worst nightmare." When Adam and his wife Dana failed to conceive a child, they hired Jesse's ex-wife Karen as a surrogate mother. Jesse and Karen had two children together, Kelly and Allison, before their marriage ended. Sean had a score to settle with Adam, so he brought Jesse back into Karen's life. Jesse wanted to pick up the pieces of his broken relationship with Karen. After he informed her that they were still husband and wife, the divorce a sham, Karen's facade began to soften, and she gave Jesse a second chance. Jesse and Adam exchanged blows and insults. Adam saw how Jesse was manipulating Karen and tried to get rid of him, but not even Carrington money could buy off Jesse. Jesse and Karen reconciled and when Karen gave birth to Adam's son, Jesse persuaded her to keep the child. So the Carringtons sued the Atkinsons for breach of contract, and lost. Karen was awarded full custody. Now, Adam Alexander Carrington II is being raised as Jesse Atkinson, Jr. - Adam Carrington's worst nightmare.