Jeremy Van Dorn
Jeremy Van Dorn

Jeroen Krabbé (photo shoot on set)
Series information
Series The Reunion
First appearance "The Reunion (1991) Part I" (1991)
Last appearance "The Reunion (1991) Part II" (1991)
Portrayed by Jeroen Krabbé

Romanced with

Alexis Colby (1991)





 • Corporate head of The Consortium
 • Head of Trans-Media Relations

Aristocratic, wealthy European business magnate Jeremy Van Dorn is the corporate head of a mysterious enterprise known only as “The Consortium.” This mysterious outfit bought up American companies and industries.

Under the guise as the head of Trans-Media Relations, Van Dorn infiltrated these companies with his spies, or moles. In the late 1980s, he set his sights on Denver-Carrington. Contacting Adam Carrington, van Dorn incorporated him into the conglomerated in hopes of taking over Denver-Carrington. By 1991, Van Dorn successfully took over the company. He next hoped to acquire ColbyCo, and later, Colby Enterprises. With Blake Carrington safely locked away in prison, Van Dorn had nothing in his way to stop him.

However, upon his release, Blake stood as a threat to Van Dorn; he wanted to expose the Consortium. Van Dorn had been trying to get his hands on ColbyCo, first through Adam, then Alexis. Soon, Alexis fell to his charm and sophistication, with no idea of the monster lurking beneath. He would acquire ColbyCo one way or another, and if it meant adding Alexis to his collection of wives, then so be it.

When Jeff Colby got in the way, Van Dorn’s men kidnapped him and took him prisoner. Since Jeff had experience with all three companies, he would be a valuable asset to the Consortium. Jeff was beaten and interrogated as to Blake’s whereabouts, and who was Jason Colby’s contact in Cairo.

Adam enlisted the aid of Kirby Anders and Jeff’s brother Miles Colby and rescued Jeff. Van Dorn also had Krystle Carrington brainwashed into murdering her husband Blake the first time they make love, upon their reunion.

All was going according to plan, until Adam had an attack of guilt and helped his father expose the Consortium. Alexis and Van Dorn became lovers, and when Krystle failed to kill Blake, Van Dorn made it his personal vendetta to dispatch Blake Carrington. However, there was always a Carrington or a Colby standing in his way. He failed at attempts to kill both Blake and Alexis, and retreated.

While they were happy believing Van Dorn was in custody, he was actually rescued by his associates, Mrs. Litton and Mr. Woo. Unknown to the Carringtons and the Colbys, Van Dorn, perhaps their most powerful adversary, waits and plots.

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