Jeanette Robbins remembers the lives of the Carringtons before Krystle entered their lives as dark days. Krsytle was a ray of sunshine to them. She softened Blake's harsh exterior, and helped to calm the wild Fallon. She also extended the Carrington family to include the servants. This wasn't an easy task since the staff was well aware of their position in life and was not ready to welcome Krystle as the new mistress of the mansion. But Krystle's warm personality and charm won them over. Being from middle class surroundings, Krystle respected the staff, she knew their backgrounds, and she understood their feelings. In no time, they came to respect and cherish her. One of the closest relationships Krystle developed with the staff was with Jeanette. Krystle trusted Jeanette and even considered her a friend. In return, Jeanette proved her loyalty to Krystle on a number of occasions, and Krystle often rewarded that loyalty. When Krsytle and Blake renewed their wedding vows in 1989, she made Jeanette a part of the ceremony. Again, in 1991, when Krystle reunited the family, she didn't exclude Jeanette. Jeanette remains a trusted, loyal friend to the Carringtons.

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