Jake Dunham
Jake Dunham and Matthew Blaisdel were old friends. They played football together when they were both younger, but their lives went in opposite directions as adults. While Matthew married shy and insecure Claudia; Jake married overly confident Louise. And while Matthew and Claudia were trying to make their marriages work, Louise jokingly admitted she wished Jake would take a mistress. Matthew entered the world of oil and geology while Jake went into law. Their lives crossed paths in 1981 when District Attorney Dunham, with political aspirations, took on Matthew’s former employer and now rival, Blake Carrington. Carrington was on trial for the murder of his son’s lover, Ted Dinard. Realizing a prosecution would win voters, Jake stopped at nothing to send Carrington up the river. To this end, he pulled out all the stops. With a move that would have stunned Perry Mason, Dunham called a surprise witness: Blake’s first wife, Alexis Carrington, whom Blake had exiled from both her children and Denver many years earlier. Though it was never clarified, it is assumed that Dunham pulled some illegal moves to get Alexis to leave Zach Powers on his yaught and testify at Blake’s trial by telling her that her former lover Roger Grimes was dead. The jury found Blake guilty of manslaughter and he was put on two years probation.

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