Hutch Corrigan

Joseph Campanella (photo shoot for the first season
of The Colbys)
Series information
Series The Colbys
First appearance "The Celebration" (1985)
Last appearance "Fallon's Choice" (1986)
Portrayed by Joseph Campanella

Engaged to

Constance Colby (198x-1987; his death)





Rodeo rider

Conny’s mature boyfriend was a man with quite a few secrets in his life. He used to do rodeo riding, and he turned out to have a police record years later. Yet, Henry "Hutch" Corrigan always seemed to be rather a kind, nice gentleman to whom all the little things of happiness in life meant much more than money and wealth.

When he met Constance Colby during a rodeo show, he had now idea that she was one of the richest women of the country. But they fell in love and he was so fascinated by her that he accepted her conditions not to push her further to tell him anything about her social background.

Nevertheless, Conny’s actual identity started to infect him since it seemed hard for her to spend ever more than a weekend with him. The crisis increased towards its climax when Hutch rejected Conny’s money for the motor home, which he had bought for a trip that couldn't take place due to her family obligations. He send the money back, but unfortunately Sable learned about the transaction and thus Conny’s relationship and rallied the whole family against the man who, in her opinion, wanted to “deceive” her sister in law.

Poor Monica finally felt obliged to interfere, confronted Hutch with the truth about Conny’s identity and almost destroyed their relationship as Hutch felt badly hurt and being used. Still, he loved her too much to give her up. He reconciled with her and finally even succeeded talking her into going on a big journey with him.

Unfortunately they ran into her lost brother, Philip, in India and got involved in his dirty businesses as Conny tried to help him out of his trouble. Led by tragic coincidences, Hutch entered with Conny the plane that was meant to crash with Philip and died with her.

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