The head of Tri-Well Bank, Hamilton Stone, met Sable Colby through her husband Jason. And it was Sable who convinced him to aid her in her revenge tactics against her cousin, Alexis, whom Sable blamed as the reason for her marriage failure. Hamilton had influence and connections that could help Alexis get back her tankers that were impounded in Natumbe, West Africa by her recently deceased husband, Sean Rowan. Not letting on to Alexis, he agreed, and the two set off for Natumbe. Alexis was thrilled by the opportunity. Hamilton succeeded, but did as his mistress had ordered: Sable only allowed him to get back two of Alexis' ships. This allowed Sable to buy the other ships at auction - for ten cents on the dollar! When Alexis discovered she'd been double-crossed by Hamilton, she promptly gave him a piece of her mind (and dumped a vase of water on him!). Alexis, of course, had the last word. Instead of letting Sable have her ships, she hired a mercenary, Cray Boyd, who blew up the tankers!

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