Galen of Moldavia

Joel Fabiani (screen capture from season 5)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "Parental Consent " (1985)
Last appearance "The Divorce" (1986)
Portrayed by Joel Fabiani

Married to

XX of Moldavia (19xx-19xx) (her death)

Engaged to

Alexis Morell (1954)

Family links


Michael of Moldavia





 • Socialite
 • King of Moldavia (19xx-1985) (his destitution)

Following her expulsion from school, young Alexis Morell, the toast of Europe, spent time touring Europe. Her escapades landed her in the tiny, but rich, country of Moldavia. There she was introduced to Galen, prince of Moldavia. Galen was already betrothed. Galen and Alexis became lovers despite the objections of the royal family. Alexis stood her ground. Galen loved Alexis, but could not go against the wishes of his parents. The wedding took place, and Alexis walked out of Galen's life.

Later, Galen ascended the throne and had a son Michael. Michael grew up and became one of the world's leading eligible bachelors. Then he met Amanda Carrington, who happened to be Alexis' daughter. Michael and Amanda fell in love, despite the fact that Michael had become engaged to Elena, duchess of Branagh. It appeared as if history would repeat itself, but Alexis intervened. Since Galen last saw her, Alexis had become one of the world's most powerful women. Both Alexis and Galen knew a marriage between their two children would benefit both Colbyco and Moldavia since the country was rich in natural resources. So, the engagement between Michael and Elena was called 'off and the engagement between Michael and Amanda was announced.

At about this 'same time, Galen's minister of defense, Warnick, chose the wedding to launch a takeover coup of the country. Michael was exiled and Galen was reported assassinated. But Krystle Carrington saw Galen, and Alexis tried to get Jason Colby to start an embargo against the country. When that failed she and her husband Dex Dexter followed up on rumors that Galen was still alive and being held prisoner. They rescued him and brought him back to the U.S. to recuperate.

In Denver, Galen used Alexis, filling her head with dreams of lust and power, promising to make her his queen. Galen had no intentions of doing so; he only wanted Alexis' millions to help him retake Moldavia. Dex caught on and exposed Galen as a fraud. This time it was Alexis who sent Galen packing.

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