Frank Dean
Iris Grant married loser Frank Dean, a stockcar racer. She never told him the baby girl she gave birth to was not his, but belonged to Daniel Reece. No matter, Frank raised Sammy Jo as best he could. When Sammy Jo turned five, Iris died. Frank took Sammy Jo with him, and Sammy Jo lost touch with her Grant relatives. That is until the day Frank realized his former sister-in-law Krystle was now the wife of millionaire Blake Carrington, so he dumped Sammy Jo off on Krystle at his lover Bedellia's insisting. He had little contact with Sammy Jo or Krystle after that. Sammy Jo eventually married Steven Carrington, but the marriage ended in divorce. When Steven was presumed dead, Frank turned up wanting whatever inheritance Sammy Jo might be bequeathed. He was turned down, but didn't take no for an answer. The next time he used force. Nevertheless, he met opposition by Krystle's ex-husband Mark who put the fear into Frank, who was never heard from again.

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