Emily Fallmont

Pat Crowley (screen capture from season 6)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "Masquerade" (1986)
Last appearance "The Letter" (1986)
Portrayed by Pat Crowley

Married to

Buck Fallmont (195x-1986; her death)

Family links


Clay Fallmont
Bart Fallmont



N/A (†)



The beautiful young wife of Senator Buck Fallmont married him at an early age and was several years his junior.

In the mid 1950s, as Buck campaigned across the state of Colorado, Emily Fallmont began to get close with young Ben Carrington. Ben was closer in age to Emily, and they shared many of the same interests. During the course of the campaign, the two became lovers. In the end, Buck won the election, but lost Emily's devotion. As Buck and Emily prepared for Washington, Emily said goodbye to Ben. Ben, the outcast Carrington, left Denver, and was out of Emily's life.

Emily resumed her roles as wife and mother. She pushed the affair with Ben out of her mind, and when she learned she was pregnant, Emily was sure the baby she was carrying belonged to Buck. Clay became his mother's favorite, but his father favored Bart.

Years passed, and Emily's affair was just a vague memory for her until Alexis brought Ben back to Denver in her war against Blake in 1986. Ben's return feared Emily because Ben's lawsuit against Blake and Dominique brought to the surface the time of her affair with Ben. Caress Morell began to put two and two together and discovered Emily's involvement with Ben. She tried to blackmail Emily, but felt honest regret over doing so.

Finally, she confessed her affair with Ben to Buck, her sons, and Blake. Soon after, she was struck by a taxi and was killed. However, she left a letter behind for Blake confessing she was the woman Ben was with when their mother died and implored him to use the letter to clear his name. Blake then blackmailed Ben and Alexis with the letter and forced them to return Denver Carrington, the Carrington Mansion, the 1/4 of Tom Carrington's estate and the South China Sea oil leases to him or be arrested for purgery.

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