Ellen Lucy Carrington was the beautiful and loving spouse of Tom Carrington and mother of his two sons, Blake and Ben. She married Tom in the 1920s while the two lived in Pennsylvania. She and Tom moved to Colorado in the mid 1940s while Blake was overseas in the war and Ben stayed on the East Coast in school. By the mid-1950s, when her sons joined her and Tom in Denver, Ellen Carrington suffered from serious injuries after a mysterious accident and now needed round the clock attention. One day in 1954, while in Ben's care, Ellen was left alone and unable to save herself when a fire started in the Carrington home. Tom held Ben responsible, even though Blake later would tell Ben that Ellen loved Ben so much she would have forgiven him. In her will, she left Blake a large piece of land, which she loved very much – a piece of land filled with wide-open spaces, tall, majestic mountains, dean air, and worth a fortune in natural gas. Although Blake once considered extracting the precious deposit, he left the land untouched, as a tribute to his mother.

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