Beautiful, slinky, and sophisticated - words used by many around the world to describe the elegant duchess of Branagh, Elena. There existed a love/hate relationship between the province of Branagh and the tiny European country of Moldavia. Elena became betrothed to Moldavia's Prince Michael, but when Michael met Amanda Carrington in Acapulco, he forgot all about Elena. Michael fell head-over-heals in love with Amanda, the daughter of his father Galen's old flame, Alexis Morell. Michael and Amanda enjoyed their romance, but Michael knew Elena awaited him, so he said goodbye to Amanda. Alexis, for her own purposes, conspired with Galen, for his own purposes, for a marriage for Amanda and Michael (and a merger of sorts for ColbyCo and Moldavia). Naturally, Elena was livid when Michael broke off his engagement with her. he tried to come between Michael and Amanda, but her seductions and trickery failed. The Duke of Branagh, Elena's father, forbad her from attending the royal wedding because he did not want to see her hurt. Although Elena thought he had her emotional well being at heart, he was also worried about her physical well being for he was the mastermind in a coup to take over Moldavia with the royal wedding as the launching point. As the "I do's" were being said, terrorists bulleted the reception. In the end, Michael was exiled, and Galen was presumed dead. There was one flaw, and her name was Krystle Carrington. Krystle saw that Galen was alive, so Alexis, with her husband Dex Dexter, followed up on Krystle's sighting and snuck into Moldavia to rescue Galen. One can imagine Alexis' surprise when she ran into Elena in Moldavia. Elena explained to Alexis about the takeover coup by her father, and she was in Moldavia trying to make things right. Later, after Alexis successfully rescued Galen, Elena showed up in Denver. They royal couple were not having a royal honeymoon, and the marriage ended in a hasty divorce. Michael went his own way, whether or not Elena was with him is uncertain.