Dr. Jonas Edwards
Dr. Jonas Edwards

Robert Symonds (screen capture from season 3)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "The Plea" (1982)
Last appearance "The Surrogate Part I" (1987)
Portrayed by Robert Symonds

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A kindly old physician, Jonas Edwards was a good friend of the Torrance family of Billings, Montana. Kate Torrance was especially a good friend. Kate had seen many heartaches and tragedies in her life, and Jonas was there to help. When Kate's son David died in a car crash that also killed his wife Doris and son Michael, Dr. Edwards helped to comfort Kate. When Kate's companion Charlie Braddock helped her in a scheme to kidnap a child to replace her dead grandson, Dr. Edwards was unwittingly involved. He believed the child they returned to Montana with was in fact Kate's grandson, who miraculously survived the horrific accident.

Growing up on Kate's ranch was not an easy task for young Michael. He was a loner, and eventually turned to drugs. He had a relationship with Dana Waring, and she became pregnant. Dr. Edwards saw the two through these bad times. When Kate died in 1982, she told Michael the truth about his heritage. Jonas became Adam's confidant during this difficult period of adjustment.

Jonas Edwards proved to be a good friend to both Adam and Dana over the years and often supported Adam, even when Adam tried to poison Jeff Colby. For whatever his reasons, Edwards did support Neil McVane's claims that Adam was Michael Torrance, and not a true Carrington.