The head physician of the famed Kinney Castle Clinic in Switzerland, Dr. Jobinet, is also a pawn in the international business conglomerate, the Consortium. The Consortium used Dr. Jobinet and his many talents to program Krystle Carrington into killing her husband Blake the first time the two make love upon their reunion. Krystle had been admitted several years earlier by her then-physician Dr. Miller, after coming out of brain surgery in a comatose state. Jobinet became her physician, and when Krystle was revived, he began his brainwashing techniques. He never allowed Krystle to contact her family, telling her she could relapse and it would be unfair to get their spirits up. Krystle’s nurse, Lyn, discovered the plans and helped Krystle escape. No matter, Jobinet‘s job was done, but ended in failure. Krystle’s love for Blake was too strong: She couldn’t kill Blake.

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