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Scene 1 : Carrington Mansion (Library)

Blake believes Amanda is his daughter, or at least wants to believe it and will do anything to prove it. Krystle worries that Blake is just hoping Amanda is his daughter because he is still grieving for Fallon. Krystle wants Blake to open up, but he will not, it is just not who he is.

Scene 2 : La Mirage (Sierra Room Bar)

Jeff is getting closer to Nicole even though Nicole has a weird obsession with Fallon. Nicole tells Jeff it is just idle boredom.

Scene 3 : Turkey Hotel

While Dominique is making first contact with Rashid in Istanbul, Adam is keeping an eye on her. Dominique does not like it. He needs to trust her and sit back and learn. Speaking of trust, Dominique wonders how many time did Blake need to give his trust to Adam. Adam (who does not know that Dominique is his aunt) finds her very noosey but he still answers that it took a little while.

Scene 4 : Rashid Ahmed's villa

Dominique offers Rashid $7 million to retract his double cross of Blake. That is $2 million more than Alexis gave but Alexis gave much more - something Dominique is not willing to give.

Scene 5 : Denver Carrington (Blake's office)/Turkey Hotel (Adam's suite)

Amanda visits Blake at Denver Carrington and he promises to help her find her father. Even better, he invites Amanda over to dinner. Once Amanda is gone, Blake receives a phone call from Adam. Blake tells Adam that Dominique can up the offer to $10 million but that they should also move on to Plan B just in case that does not work.

Scene 6 : Carrington Mansion (Hallway/Conservatory)

Jeff brings Nicole over to the mansion. While there, Nicole is intrigued by a photograph of Fallon that she talks to about Peter.

Scene 7 : Carrington Mansion (Library)

Blake is concerned about Jeff's playboy lifestyle. He would rather Jeff to marry again and expand his family. They both argue.

Scene 8 : Carrington Mansion (Lobby/Hallway)

Amanda arrives and make some nice compliment to Krystle.

Scene 9 : Carrington Mansion (Dining Room)

Steven and Amanda get into some argument over the story Amanda had planted in the Chronicle. Blake gets the two to apologize to each other and it reminds him of how Fallon and Steven used to fight at dinner.

Scene 10 : Penthouse (Alexis's bedroom)/Penthouse

Alexis's mothering of Amanda is straining her relationship with Dex. Dex is not able to make love with Alexis when he pleases because she is too preoccupied with Amanda. Problems get worse when Dex and Amanda start flirting together.

Scene 11 : Carrington Mansion (Kitchen)

Claudia finds Krystle looking at old pictures of her. During her youth, in summer, she often visited her grand parents who owned a farm in Colorado. But her grand father died when she was 16 and the farm was sold..

Scene 12 : Carrington Mansion (Master Bedroom)/Turkey Hotel

Adam tells his father that Rashid rejects the $10 million and Adam moves on Plan B. Krystle over hears this mention of Plan B, but Blake assures her not to worry about it.

Scene 13 : Turkey Hotel (Adam's suite)

Dominique gets wind of Plan B and wants to be in on it.

Scene 14 : ColbyCo (Alexis' office)

Alexis does not approve of Amanda hanging out with Blake. Amanda let's her mother know that she will see who she pleases.

Scene 15 : Denver Carrington (Steven's office)

Amanda is not pleased about the fact that Steven told Alexis that she had dinner at the Carrington Mansion. They argue because Steven does not approve that Amanda caused trouble with Alexis..

Scene 16 : La Mirage (Sierra Room Bar)

Steven joins Claudia. Steven says that he gets even more work now that Adam is in Turkey with Dominique. They talk about her and they both agree that she is rather mysterious. Claudia says Brady is more down-to-earth than his wife and mentions she had spent some time with him. Steven is actually jealous. A little jealously helps because it does make Steven more attentive to Claudia.

Scene 17 : ColbyCo (Alexis' office)/Rashid Ahmed's villa

Before Adam moves on to Plan B, Rashid tries to get help from Alexis. Rashid does not want to leave Istanbul but Alexis does not want to help Rashid because she had already given him $5 million in Hong Kong. Even better, Rashid billed his hotel expenses to Alexis's account.

Scene 18 : Carrington Mansion (Solarium)

Krystle is looking at plans of the new nursery for her soon-to-be-born-baby.

Scene 19 : Carrington Mansion (Steven and Claudia's room)

Steven awakes to find a magazine on his nightstand with the page opened to an article about Brady Lloyd.

Scene 20 : Denver Carrington (Steven's office)

Luke tries to get Steven to help him with a press release so it will meet with Alexis's approval. Luke also invites Steven for a danish and coffee. Once again, Steven politely turns down Luke's request for food.

Scene 21 : Rashid Ahmed's villa (Pool Area/Exteriors)

Adam and Dominique, along with certain military personnel friendly to Blake, plant heroine in Rashid's villa and will have him arrested unless he signs the retraction.

Scene 22 : Rashid Ahmed's villa (Pool Area)

Rashid does sign the retraction but then pulls a gun on Adam and tries to escape.

Scene 23 : Rashid Ahmed's villa (Courtyard/Exteriors)

During the escape, Rashid is shot and killed, which was not part of the plan. At least Adam manages to take the retraction.

Scene 24 : Carrington Mansion (Solarium)

News of Rashid's death makes it back to the United States.

Scene 25 : Carrington Mansion (Master Bedroom)

Krystle cannot believe it and thinks Blake is responsible for the man's death. Blake tries to explain that was not his intention but Krystle does not believe him and runs from him.

Scene 26 : Carrington Mansion (Staircase)

Blake gives chase and then the two get to the stairs. Krystle trips and falls down the stairs. Blake attends to her but she is non-responsive

Next Episode : Krystina

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