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Chicago (head office)


Dominique Deveraux

Deveraux Group Incorporated is a holding company owned by Dominique Deveraux. It has corporate offices in Chigaco, New York City and Los Angeles.

In 1984, Colbyco attempted a takeover of Deveraux Group Incorporated, but failed after Brady Lloyd failed to sign over his large block of stock.

Subsidiary Edit


  • Dominique's nightclub in Los Angeles
  • Several hotels including in Marbella (Spain), St. Moritz (Switzerland) and Monaco
  • Several casinos including in St. Martin and Puerto Rico
  • 40% of Denver Carrington
  • Shares in Colbyco
  • 1/3 of the Sumatra Timberlands, oil and rubber interests in Sumatra with Denver Carrington and Colbyco
  • The Excelzior in Los Angeles, California (sold in 1986)


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