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Denver Carrington
Denver carrington



First appearance

"Oil" (1981)

Last appearance

"Here comes the son" (1989)


1 Carrington Square
Denver, CO 80226


Blake Carrington
Alexis Colby (1986)

Blake Carrington built Denver Carrington in the late 50's with a single well. The public company was very successful even though Blake experienced several crises during the 80's.

Establishing shots came from the Bank America Plaza - 333 S Hope Street, Los Angeles (seasons 1 to 4) and the Wells Fargo Center, 330 S Hope Street, Los Angeles (seasons 5 to 9). In the opening credits, the establishing shots came from a real Denver building at 621 17th Street.

The corporation has offices all around the world.

Holdings Edit

Board of DirectorsEdit

Employees Edit

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