The entire Grimes family seems to have a score to settle with the Carringtons - and for good reason. When Blake Carrington seemingly ran Roger Grimes out of town, father Alfred kidnapped Blake's grandson, LB Colby, years later. Even later still, Dennis Grimes, Roger and Emily's son, was recruited to go after the Carringtons. Dennis grew up into a frightful image of his father and he, too, had revenge on his mind. He worked in connection with corrupt police captain William Handler. For weeks Dennis followed Fallon Carrington and her lover Johnny Zorelli hoping to stumble upon the Collection, a plunder of Nazi treasure. Fallon's ex-husband Jeff Colby and Dex Dexter were on to him, however. Fallon's sister Krystina showed Fallon an old mineshaft where she played and showed her the treasure. Unknown to both, Dennis was right behind them. By now, Dennis realized the truth about his father: Fallon had killed him. Dennis and Fallon struggled for the gun and it went off. Dennis was down, but not out. The shot caused the shaft to cave in on them. Later, it is assumed, Dennis was taken into custody, another defeat for the Grimes family.

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