Dean Caldwell
Claudia Blaisdel met Dean Caldwell while experiencing a lull in her marriage to Steven Carrington. Claudia felt insecure when Steven began a close working relationship with openly gay Luke Fuller, a ColbyCo executive. Enter Dean Caldwell. He and Claudia felt an immediate attraction, but Claudia wanted to remain faithful to Steven despite her doubts about him. As Steven began to spend more and more time with Luke, Claudia began spending more time with Dean. As her heart and mind began to fill with insecurities, Claudia gave into a night of passion with Dean. Claudia's night of infidelity led to the breakup of her marriage. Ironically, it was Dean who was the loser, as Steven and Claudia both sought comfort in the arms of others, Luke Fuller and Adam Carrington, respectively. Although Dean pursued her, Claudia was never his to have.

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