Cray Boyd
Adam Carrington has met some pretty shady characters over the years, but Creighton Boyd is one of the most mysterious. They met when Adam' was in school, but Adam never need his services until 1989, when his mother Colby sought revenge against her cousin, Sable Colby. It started when her husband Sean almost ruined her company ColbyCo. Several of Alexis' ships were impounded in Natumbe, West Africa. When she sought the help of Hamilton Stone in retrieving them, she had no idea that he was in league with Sable. Sable was out to destroy Alexis, and would stop at nothing. Sable was able to buy Alexis' tankers at a fraction of the price when they were auctioned off by the government. Alexis swore revenge and this is where Cray came into the picture. Knowing that Cray was soldier-of-fortune and no job was too dangerous for the right price, Alexis hired him to go to Africa and destroy the Sable's new fleet. Although Cray agreed, a lot of people might get hurt. No one would be able to trace the operations back to her. Alexis gave the handsome soldier a winsome glance and handed him half a million dollars in cash. Cray had no idea what he was getting into. For that matter neither did Alexis. While Cray plotted his attack in Paris, Alexis interrupted and planned to take over the operation. This didn't sit well with Cray who took matters into his own hands - he had Alexis tied up! Later, she's untied and Cray told her that if she wanted him to do the job for her, she'd have to butt out. Then he asked her to dinner. The next morning before he caught his plane for Africa, they made love. Whether it was a great send-off, or an added bonus, it was an experience Cray Boyd would never forget.

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