Claire Yarlett
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Claire Yarlett


Bliss Colby

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Was going to be one of the new "Charlie's Angels" in the proposed "Angels '88", along with Tea Leoni, but the series never got off the ground.


An avid horsewoman, Claire was once an Olympic-class rider and considers riding the best exercise in the world.

Claire Yarlett, the daughter of renowned cinematographer Anthony Yarlett, was born in England on February 15, 1962. She is most memorable for her role as Bliss Colby in "The Colbys", the spin-off series to the 1980s prime-time soap opera "Dynasty".

It was on the soap series "Rituals" (1984) when Claire had the first contact with television, playing the role of Dakota Lane . That role was the springboard to her career as the actress. Before she was cast as Bliss Colby on ABC's nighttime soap "The Colbys", she acquired experience in front of the camera trough fashion modeling in New York and Paris. Yarlett was later involved in an ill-fated 1988 attempt to revive "Charlie's Angels".

Since then, Claire has been active on television, appearing in the daytime drama "Days Of Our Lives" between 1990 and 1991 and making frequent guest appearances in shows such as "Lois and Clark" (1995), "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" (1996), "ER" (1998), "The West Wing" (2000), "Becker" (2001), "Frasier" (1998, 2001).

Claire Yarlett is less active lately in the show business. She played throughout the 90's mostly supporting roles in a less commercial movies and appeared as the special guest in numerous TV series.