Previous Episode : The Ball

Scene 1 : Delta Rho (Grounds)

Krystle rejects Daniel's overture. She is very much in love with Blake. But some photographer gets a picture of the kiss.

Scene 2 : Acapulco Hotel (Alexis' suite)

Prince Michael continues to pursue Amanda in Acapulco but Amanda shows little interest. She just is not attracted to an autocratic prince.

Scene 3 : Carrington Mansion (Library)/Acapulco Hotel (Blake's suite)

Krystle tells Blake that she does not like that she was shut out because she was told it was a business meeting since he brings Amanda with him.

Scene 4 : Acapulco Hotel (Alexis' suite)

Alexis decides to push Amanda and Michael together.

Scene 5 : Acapulco Hotel

Ashley is a professional photographer so she would like to make several pictures of Blake for some magazine. Blake agrees to it. Of course, this implies that they will spend a lot of time together.

Scene 6 : Acapulco Hotel

Blake and Ashley dance and continue their flirtation.

Scene 7 : Acapulco Hotel (Alexis' suite)

Dex wonders why Alexis is trying so hard and Alexis counters that Dex should not care so much unless he has a thing for Amanda.

Scene 8 : Carrington Mansion (Library)

Another photographer is taking pictures of Blake dancing with Lady Ashley in Acapulco. Krystle is sent pics of Blake and Lady Ashley. Krystle wonders if Alexis could be behind the pictures being sent to her.

Scene 9 : Carrington Mansion (Jeff's bedroom)

Even though Jeff does not love Nicole, he continues the charade of being married to her, and Nicole is trying her hardest to get Jeff to love her. Nicole wonders why Jeff is pining for a dead woman who pretty much treated him like garbage and slept with half of Denver. Jeff is just a glutton for punishment, as this marriage evidences.

Scene 10 : Acapulco Hotel (Blake's suite)

Clearly, the two photographers are in cahoots, and working for someone, as Blake is sent pics of Krystle and Daniel.

Scene 11 : Acapulco Hotel (Michael's suite)

Amanda finally succumbs to Michael's charms and the two make love.

Scene 12 : Acapulco Hotel (Alexis' suite)

Ashley informs Alexis that Dex, of all people, was able to get for Alexis the 25% of the oil leases that were on auction. Dex was able to convince the head of the chinese delegation that Blake is allowing one of the companies the Chinese don't trust into the oil leases.

Scene 13 : Acapulco Hotel (Alexis' suite)

Even that gesture is not enough to assuage Alexis of her belief that Dex is a little too fond of Amanda. Dex does not care - Alexis can do with the leases, as she wishes.

Scene 14 : Carrington Mansion (Lobby)

Even though Claudia and Steven are on the road to divorce, Claudia still wants to see Danny and Steven agrees with it.

Scene 15 : Carrington Mansion (Pool Area)

Steven wants Claudia to give him another chance but Claudia pretty much accepts that Steven is gay.

Scene 16 : Denver Carrington (Blake's office)

Adam is sick that Jeff pulls rank at Denver Carrington.

Scene 17 : La Mirage (Marin's room)

Adam joins Marin as she is leaving. She says she has nothing to do anymore in Denver now that she lost the oil leases (she managed to have her brother on the phone and he let her know that ColbyCo won the auction). She notices Adam looks angry and he tells her why : he is fed up with Jeff who treat like an inferior - he did not even tell him why Dominique is selling half of her shares of Denver-Carrington. Marin is very much interested by this information and eventually plans to stay in Denver for a few more days.

Scene 18 : Delta Rho (Cellar)

Dex will take out his aggression the best way he knows, by assisting Daniel in his military expedition in Paraguay.

Scene 19 : Acapulco Hotel (Blake's suite)

Ashley informs Blake that Dex was able to get all of the oil leases. Alexis is more than pleased to visit Blake to gloat about her triumph (even though Dex did all the job). Blake is angry but he proposes to work in harmony together : Alexis agrees. She claims because they have a family after all. Blake can't stop to roll his eyes.

Scene 20 : Acapulco Hotel (Michael's suite)

Amanda and Michael make love again.

Scene 21 : Acapulco Hotel (Michael's suite)

Michael tells Amanda is already engaged. Amanda will not give Prince Michael the satisfaction of showing that she is hurt.

Scene 22 : Acapulco Hotel (Blake's suite)

Amanda does show a pain to another person : her father.

Scene 23 : Carrington Mansion (Conservatory)

Daniel informs Krystle that he will away for some time. He is sorry that she is not ready to leave Blake for him.

Scene 24 : Denver Street

Claudia is walking in the street when she sees Luke and Steven enter a restaurant together. She is angered because Luke promised her not to see Steven.

Scene 25 : Delta Rho (Daniel's office)

Claudia does not know that the lunch is nothing more than another farewell for the two. This time, Luke realizes he must leave Denver-Carrington but Steven does offer to help. Steven keeps trying to convince himself that he loves Claudia and that he wants a family and he will fall in love with another woman if he has to. Luke pretty much tells Steven good luck with that.

Scene 26 : Acapulco Hotel

Lady Ashley sees that Blake has received pictures of Krystle and Daniel together.

Scene 27 : Carrington Mansion (Library)

When Blake returns to Denver, he confronts Krystle about the picture. Krystle says Daniel did it and she has no interest in him. Blake wants to know for certain whether that is true.

Next Episode : The Collapse

Season Guide : Season 5 (retelling)

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