Chris Deegan
Chris Deegan

Grant Goodeve (photo shoot on set)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "The Vote" (1983)
Last appearance "The Spoiler" (1987)
Portrayed by Grant Goodeve

Married to

xx xx (19xx-198x)




Christopher R. Deegan, attorney-at-law, probably seemed out of his league representing a Carrington, but he was the lawyer Steven wanted to represent him in his divorce from Sammy Jo. Chris was just getting out of a divorce himself.

He had a modest law practice, and when he needed a place to stay, Steven offered to let him stay with him in his apartment. It was then that Chris revealed to Steven that he, too, was gay, but Steven did not want to enter into another relationship with a man; he was trying to rekindle the relationship he once had with Claudia Blaisdel.

When Blake showed up unexpectedly at Steven's apartment, he mistook Chris and Steven as lovers, and was furious. He did not want his grandson Danny to be raised in a gay environment, so Blake gathered his most powerful weapons: his slick attorney Andrew Laird and his former Steven's ex-wife Sammy Jo. Chris now represented Steven in his custody battle against Blake, and won the lawsuit when Steven proved to the judge that he could provide Danny with a proper home life after he married Claudia.

Chris slipped out of Steven's life, but resurfaced when the Carringtons began having marital problems. Although Chris and Steven remained good friends, they never really became anything more.