Channing Carter

Kim Morgan Greene (photo shoot for the second season
of The Colbys)
Series information
Series The Colbys
First appearance "The Gathering Storm" (1986)
Last appearance "Crossroads" (1987)
Portrayed by Kim Morgan Greene

Married to

Miles Colby (1986-?)

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XX Carter
Annabelle Carter


XX Carter (brother)


Lucas Carter (uncle)


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Reporter for Modern Design

Channing Carter’s rather unlucky life lacked much of the happiness the Colby children enjoyed, ever since the day her mother died giving birth to her brother, an event which left a deep scar in the little girl's soul. After her father's death a few years later, Channing was raised by her uncle Lucas Carter, the owner of a famous and powerful newspaper, but a major failure in regard to human qualities. Lucas took care of his little niece, even too much. When she was still very young, he tried to get her into bed, but accepted her wild rejection finally. Later, he involved her in his business.

At the age of fifteen, she was raped by a school-mate, got pregnant and had an abortion. Years later, when she had grown to a beautiful, rather self-confident and very competent woman (very much like Fallon), Lucas sent her to Sable Colby about whom she was supposed to write a big article for the magazine Modern Design, but the main reason was to find out more about Jason Colby and his family. When she met Miles Colby, she fell in love with him and tried to free herself from Lucas’ influence, although she knew from the first moment that she had to fight the still present image of Fallon in Miles’ heart.

Against Lucas’ and Sable's wish, she and Miles got married in Las Vegas, but the honeymoon came to an abrupt end when she told Miles she couldn't have children because of the abortion, which was not true. She was secretly taking birth control pills, terrified by the thought of ending up like her mother. Her uncle's lawyer, Sam Erskirne, tried to blackmail her to get further information on Jason, but Channing refused.

Though Miles brought himself to accept her lie, she had to watch his desperate hopes that at least Fallon's baby might be his own. Jealous and afraid of losing her husband, Channing wished that the baby would never be born, but finally she swore to Miles that she would help him raise the baby. Miles’ desperation about the result of the paternity test was too much for her, and she decided to get over her fear and stopped taking the birth control pills. After this, Channing got pregnant, but since she was tormented by nightmares from the first moment, she soon recognized that she couldn't bear the burden and she left Miles in order to have an abortion.

Channing was perceived by many to be a tricky opportunist, but she was really a woman with a strong need for real love, which she had lacked almost all her life, and many fears, which she tried to hide in order to give the impression of being strong.

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