Cash Cassidy
Cash Cassidy

James Houghton (photo shoot for the second
season of The Colbys)
Series information
Series The Colbys
First appearance "Something Old, Something New" (1986)
Last appearance "Betrayals" (1987)
Portrayed by James Houghton

Married to

Adrienne Cassidy (19xx-?)

Romanced with

Monica Colby

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Scott Cassidy






Senator Cash Cassidy was the son of one of Jason Colby’s rivals so when he was assigned to serve as Washington’s liaison to oversee Colby Enterprises’ development of the IMOS project; needless to say that Jason was none too pleased. The same could be said for Jason’s daughter Monica, who had an affair with the senator eight years prior. However, in order for IMOS, Internationally Meant Orbital Satellite, to work, both Cassidy and Colby would have to co-operate. Cash clashed with Jason on a variety of issues.

Being near Cash disturbed Monica; she was uncomfortable to be around him. She was afraid that her past would came back to haunt her, but her aunt Constance assured her that things were in order. Regardless, there were still feelings between the two and Cash was the first to bring these to the surface when he asked Monica why she had walked out on him years before. Cash tried to get closer to Monica, but she kept pushing him away – she didn’t want him to know that she had given up his child for adoption after she had found herself pregnant.

Jason sensed the increasing tensions between the senator and his daughter, and warned Cash about hurting Monica. He went as far as threatening to fire Cash, but Monica didn’t want things to go that far.

Things became even more complicated when Cassidy’s wife Adrienne and son Scott joined him. Monica and Scott became fast friends, but Adrienne saw Monica as a threat to both her marriage and her family.

Zach Powers, who wanted to get in on the IMOS project, found an opportunity to get in when he discovered that Scott was the son Monica had given up and threatened Cash with blackmail. Eventually, Monica discovered the truth about Scott and how Constance forced Cash into taking responsibility for Scott or she would ruin his political career. Forced into a corner, Cash adopted his own son, and Adrienne was forced to raise the offspring of her husband and his mistress.

Cash’s marriage was falling apart and since it was a marriage in name only, he wanted to divorce Adrienne. However, she threatened to expose Cash’s affair with Monica, which would destroy his career, ruin the IMOS project, and humiliate Monica.

Monica finally bowed down; she wants Scott to have a proper home life and conceded. In the end, Cash made plans to return to Washington with Adrienne and Scott.

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