Together with her husband Arlen, Carol Marshall helped to create the fashion empire known as Fashion Fury. The former model’s marriage began to crumble as beautiful women easily distracted Arlen’s eyes. Still, they never divorced and in spite of everything ran Fashion Fury jointly. It was time for Carol to take over, and take over she did! With the help of a scorned Alexis Colby, Carol got it all. Alexis foreclosed on Arlen’s loans and gobbled up Fashion Fury. Carol was now the new president and she put Arlen on a short leash. He had no money, no power, and no control. Backed into a corner, Arlen needed Carol as much as she wanted him back. Much to Carol’s delight, Arlen in succession, came back to her, accepted their new roles, and, to Alexis’ delight, fired Sammy Jo Reece, his top model (and bed partner). Carol Marshall was on top, thanks to the best teacher in scheming – Alexis!