Buck Fallmont

Richard Anderson (photo shoot on set)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "Masquerade" (1986)
Last appearance "Shadow Play" (1987)
Portrayed by Richard Anderson

Married to

Emily Fallmont (195x-1986; her death)

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Clay Fallmont
Bart Fallmont



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Buckley Clayburn Fallmont was a powerful man. He entered politics in the mid 1950s and was elected senator. He and his young wife, Emily, had two sons Bart and Clay.

Unknown to Buck, Emily had an affair with Ben Carrington while Ben was campaigning across Colorado for his first term as senator. It was a brief, yet passionate affair. After the election, Ben left Denver, and Buck prepared for the Senate.

The Fallmonts rose to a powerful fixture both in Washington and in Denver. Buck was fondest of his oldest son Bart, whom he hoped would succeed him as a Colorado senator. Emily, on the other hand, favored her playboy son Clay. As time went on, Buck clashed with Blake Carrington over a number of things over the years, and the two families developed a hatred for each other.

Things came to a head in 1985, and things fell apart for Buck and his family. Ben Carrington retuned to Denver about the same time A ruined Bart's political career by revealing him to be a homosexual. Even though he was humiliated, Buck tried to support his son.

More anger and humiliation ensued as Clay became involved with one Carrington woman after another, finally marrying one, Sammy Jo Reece.

Then, after Emily was blackmailed; she confessed she had an affair with Ben. Not long afterwards, she was struck by a car and died. He last words to Buck were reassurances that Clay was his son, not Ben's. However, Clay became involved with Ben's daughter Leslie. Buck intervened knowing that Clay could be involved in an incestuous affair with his own sister. So, blood tests were made, but came back inconclusive. Clay could be a Fallmont or a Carrington. Either way, the dye had been cast.

Buck lost everything to the Carringtons. His anger and hatred consumed him and he died in 1990.

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