Bliss Colby
Claire Yarlett (photo shoot for the second season of
The Colbys)
Series information
Series The Colbys, Dynasty
First appearance "The Titans" (1985)
Last appearance "Dead End" (1987)
Portrayed by Claire Yarlett

Romanced with

Sean McAllister (1985-1986)
Spiro Koralis (1986)
Nikolai Rostov (1986-?)

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Jason Colby
Sable Colby


Jeff Colby
Monica Colby
Miles Colby


Constance Colby (aunt)
Cecil Colby (uncle)
Philip Colby (uncle)
Francesca Colby (aunt)



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Executive Director of The Colby Center

Young Bliss Colby, the outsider of the family, was pretty, sensitive - and often very unhappy. Being born in 1965 as the youngest child of Sable and Jason Colby, she enjoyed every privilege a young girl could have, but had difficulties to find fulfillment in her life. But unlike Fallon she had no interest in her father's business. Her self-confidence suffered increasingly, as she found someday that she was the only one of her famous family without a special individual quality.

The feeling of being less important drove her into the arms of men who occupied her completely with their concerns. In spite of all, she loved her family and had a very strong sense for justice. And her strength of character developed when she took a job as PR-manager of her mother's ballet group and had to fight for her true love, the Russian dancer Nikolai "Kolya" Rostov, whom she was later engaged to. A former girl-friend of Kolia’s, Georgina Sinclair, almost succeeded in destroying the relationship between Bliss and him, but finally Jason’s daughter won. At the end of The Colbys, Bliss and Kolya left for New York.

Bliss got much stronger during the years, but yet seemed to always need somebody to cling to when life was tough on her. She is, in fact, the "Colby-version" of Amanda Carrington. In the final season of Dynasty she was mentioned to have moved from The Colby Mansion leading to the assumption that she and Kolya left for good and probably got married.

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