Bart Fallmont
Bart Fallmont

Kevin Conroy (photo shoot for season 6)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "The Roadhouse" (1985)
Last appearance "The Trial II" (1986)
Portrayed by Kevin Conroy & Cameron Watson

Romanced with

Steven Carrington (1986; 1991)

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Buck Fallmont
Emily Fallmont


Clay Fallmont



Environmental lobbyist


 • Lawyer
 • Senatorial candidate

Barton Fallmont learned to hate the Carringtons from his father Buck Fallmont. Bart had his first encounter with the Carringtons in the mid-eighties when he was establishing his political career.

Since he opposed the Carrington-Colby pipeline, Adam tried to bribe Bart, which didn’t sit well with Bart. He retaliated by telling lies about the Carringtons on national TV. This led to a fight with Steven. Then Adam gained the upper hand; he discovered Bart Fallmont is gay. Bart had been engaged, but the previous summer he had gone to Europe with a college roommate. They had been friends until then. When they came home, Bart made a lame excuse and called off the wedding.

Adam threatened to force Bart “out of the closet” if their arguments over the pipeline were not settled. Since that was out of the question, Adam leaked the story to the press, ruining Bart’s chances of following in this senator father’s footsteps. With his sexuality out in the open, Bart enjoyed a brief flirtation with Steven before leaving Denver.

Years later, while working as a lobbyist in Washington, Bart ran into Steven again. Bart was less angry now. He had lost both parents now, and had a strained relationship with his brother Clay. He might not have forgiven the Carringtons, but he could now tolerate them. He and Steven became lovers and bought a home. They shared a life just as any married couple would.

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