Andrew Laird
Andrew Laird

Peter Mark Richman (photo shoot on set)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "Oil Part I" (1981)
Last appearance "The Mortgage" (1984)
Portrayed by Peter Mark Richman

Married to

Emily xx



Attorney at New York


Attorney for Denver-Carrington

Andrew Laird and his wife have been prominent citizens of Denver for years. Andrew is a well-respected, resourceful attorney for both Denver-Carrington Oil and the Carrington Family.

He became one of Blake Carrington's closest friends and confidants when Blake exiled Alexis from Denver. He found the legal means to keep Blake from being prosecuted for beating up Roger Grimes, and to payoff Alexis. For his service and devotion, Andrew was rewarded with a lifetime service as the highly paid, highly visible attorney for the Carringtons.

His resourcefulness has paid dividends for Blake on more than one occasion. He was there when Blake stood trial for the murder of Ted Dinard. Although the cards were stacked against Blake, Andrew's expertise got Blake probation and a lighter sentence. He was also there when Blake sued for custody of his grandson Danny. Andrew was at first hesitant about Blake's marriage to Krystle Jennings, but later the two developed an affectionate relationship. He has also been a friend to the Colbys.

Lately, Andrew took a less active role in the legal matters of Denver-Carrington. He now operates out of Denver-Carrington's New York offices, but one can be assured if Blake Carrington needs him, Andrew Laird will be right by his side.

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