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Scene 1 : Penthouse

It seems that Alexis could not live on the $250,000/year Blake gave her and raise a child so she had sent Amanda to live with her cousin Rosalind Bedford and her husband who raised Amanda as their own. Still, Alexis was much involved in her life. Amanda has dicovered that Alexis is her mother. Now, she asks who her father is and Alexis claims it is some ski instructor. Alexis wants to make things right with Amanda, but all Amanda wants is to be recognized by her mother.

Scene 2 : La Mirage (Dominique's suite)

Brady has thought over Dominique's revelation. He wants to meet Dominique's "family" and in particular Blake Carrington. Dominique does not like the idea because she knows Brady's short temper. Also, she makes an allusion about the fact he already "knows" Claudia Carrington...

Scene 3 : Penthouse

Steven and Alexis do make up but Steven can't stay on at ColbyCo. Blake hired him to work at Denver Carrington and he accepted.

Scene 4 : La Mirage

Krystle feels that Claudia is quite cold towards her. Claudia admits that she did not appreciate that Steven did his confession to Krystle rather than she.

Scene 5 : Penthouse

Alexis does not want to say who is the father of Amanda but at least Amanda believes Alexis can make her meet Adam and Steven. Alexis agrees but only if Amanda is introduced as her cousin. Amanda is outraged at her condition. Why can't Alexis publicly announce that she is her mother ?

Scene 6 : Carrington Mansion (Library)

Adam is on his way to Alexis' penthouse but Blake wants to talk to him. Andrew Laird has been hired by some prestigious company in New York so Blake needs a new Chief Legal Counsel for Denver Carrington. Adam is the only man who can replace Andrew according to Blake. Adam feels honored but what about Blake's former right-hand man (Jeff) ? There will always be a place for him at Denver-Carrington but it is Jeff who will take a decision about it.

Scene 7 : Penthouse

The family is celebrating Alexis' release from prison. Amanda shows up, unexpectedly, but before she can introduces herself, Alexis introduces her as her niece Amanda. Everyone is intrigued and asks some questions about her family to Amanda. Much to Alexis' embarrassment, Amanda explains that she has been adopted. Her real mother abandoned her because she did not want to raise an illegitimate child and she does not know who her real father is.

Scene 8 : Denver Carrington (Blake's office)

Blake is very pleased that, for the first time, both of his sons will work along with him. But Steven and Adam (especially Adam) do not seem so pleased to work together.

Scene 9 : Medical Building

Krystle is excited that the doctor clears her to go back to work even though she is seven months pregnant.

Scene 10 : Denver Street

Unfortunately for her, Krystle hits on Alexis while she goes out of the doctor's building. Alexis believes that Krystle is going out of the jewelers and wonders if she came there for buy or for sell.

Scene 11 : Penthouse (Alexis' bedroom)/Penthouse

Alexis is furious about Amanda's behaviour during her celebration party. She suggests to Amanda to come back to England where she belongs. But she promises her to go and see her very soon, once she is back from a little trip with Dex. Amanda is sickened to see that Alexis does not want to make room for her. So she calls the Denver Chronicle : she wants to see a journalist, she gets a juicy story to tell.

Scene 12 : Carrigton Mansion (Dining Room)

Blake vetoes that idea of Krystle returning to work. Krystle believes Blake does not want Krystle in his seedy world of business but Blake is more concerned about the health of their child.

Scene 13 : La Mirage (Tennis Courts)

Jeff continues his playboy, irresponsible ways. He catches the eye of a woman, Nicole "Nikki" Simpson, and he invites her to dinner. They have something in common, Nikki also lost a spouse.

Scene 14 : Denver Carrington (Blake's office)

Dominique and Brady visit Denver Carrington with Blake. There is a lot of tension in the air. Brady wonders why Dominique does not have her own office even though she owns 40% of Denver Carrington. Blake is surprised : Dominique never told him she wanted an office. Dominique agrees : she has invested in the oil business but she does not want to WORK in it. She is an artist. Also, Brady realizes that Blake talks of Dominique only as his business partner and not as his sister as well. Why Blake does not want to acknowledge as family ? Is it because she is black ? Blake feels insulted by the suggestion that he could be racist. He lived for more than 60 years without knowing he has a sister, he needs some time to adjust himself to the situation.

Scene 15 : Carrington Mansion (Steven and Claudia's bedroom)

Claudia tells Steven that Danny is not feeling well. Steven suggest to call the doctor.

Scene 16 : La Mirage (Sierra Room Bar)

Nicole tells Jeff that she works in real estate development. She inherited from her late husband an island in the Carribean sea. She would like to put together an investment package to finance the building of a big resort and condo complex. She needs to raise money and she thinks she can find it there with the rich people of Denver. Jeff, who is now looking for a high-risk life, finds this very appealing.

Scene 17 : La Mirage (Nikki's room)

Little does Jeff know, that spouse of Nicole was Peter De Vilbis.

Scene 18 : Carrington Mansion (Nursery)

The doctor tells Steven and Claudia that Danny has flu.

Scene 19 : La Mirage (Dominique's suite)

Dominique is furious against Brady : how could he talk to Blake like this ? Brady wants Dominique to realize that she does not belong to the Carrington world. They can accept her for business but she will never be part of their family. Speaking of business, Brady needs to go to Los Angeles. He will be away for a couple of weeks and hopes Dominique will come to its senses when he gets back.

Scene 20 : Carrington Mansion (Library)

Blake and Krystle talk again of the idea of Krystle returning at Denver Carrington : she would have to quit in a couple of months anyway. Krystle understands and the two patch up their differences for the time being.

Scene 21 : Carrington Mansion (Steven and Claudia's bedroom)

Watching over Danny make Steven and Claudia's relationship strong again. It seems that they now are a happy family again.

Scene 22 : Carrington Mansion (Library)

Blake wants Jeff to marry again and expand his family, but he also wants him to work and gives him 15% of Denver Carrington. Jeff is just not ready to return to work for Blake but he is going to return working in some new business.

Scene 23 : Penthouse (Alexis' bedroom)

Alexis and Dex are in bed but Alexis can't stop thinking about Amanda. Dex does not understand why she is so worried about her niece. Alexis said that Amanda always have been very special to her, especially since she was estranged from Adam, Fallon and Steven. Rosalind and Hugh worked for her and she spent a lot of time with Amanda when she was a child.

Scene 24 : Denver Chronicle

The day after, Amanda is with Maxwell Allen, journalist at the Denver Chronicle. She tells him who she really is. She wants the revelation to make the front-page the day after the Carousel Ball. Maxwell Allen asks if she thought well about it : it will be a public embarassment for Alexis. But it is exactly what Amanda wants.

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