The beautiful wife of Joseph Anders, the haughty major-domo of the Carrington estate, was the seductive Alicia Rowan. Joseph married the Irish lass in the 50's, just short of two weeks after meeting. They owned a modest home in Denver, and had three children : Sean, Victoria, and Kirby. Two years after after Kirby was born, Alicia began an extra-marital affair. When her lover cheated on her, Alicia killed him. She was convicted of murder and sentenced to a facility for the criminally insane. Kirby was told that her mother had died. Years passed. Joseph moved into the Carrington mansion along with his young daughter, who mistook herself for upper class. After all, she lived in a big mansion. She played with Fallon, Steven, and Jeff. When she turned eleven, she realized she was really part of the lower class. Regardless, Joseph gave her the best of everything. When she returned from her studies abroad in 1982, she became involved with both Jeff Colby and Adam Carrington. She and Adam made plans to marry, but Adam's mother Alexis would not hear of such a thing. Kirby was not good enough for her son. Indeed, she tried to stop the nuptials on several occasions. Joseph was concerned for his young daughter. Alexis threatened to expose the truth about Alicia to Kirby, and Joseph tried to stop her. When his attempts failed, he committed suicide. Kirby held Alexis responsible and came after her. Alexis presented Kirby with a collection of newspaper clippings that revealed the humiliating truth about her mother. Kirby immediately left for the North Dakota prison, which housed her mother. Tragically, once she arrived in Bismarck, Kirby was too late. Alicia Rowan Anders had been released six months prior and just short of three weeks of Kirby's arrival she too had committed suicide.

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