Al Corley

Birth Name

Alford Corley


Worked as a doorman at the controversial Studio 54.
Oldest daughter, Sophie, has Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome. It causes severe mental & physical handicaps.
Had an 80s pop-hit with the song "Square Rooms" in 1985, produced by Harold Faltermeyer.


Jessika Cardinahl (1989 - present) 3 children

Al Corley was born on May 22, 1956 in Witchita, Kansas. Before becoming an actor/singer, he worked as a doorman.

The role of Steven Carrington brought fame to the young actor who wasn't afraid to play a gay man. But his "Dynasty" days didn't last long. Corley, who remains close to the Shapiros, has no regrets about leaving the show after the second season. He just felt there was nowhere to go with the character unless they were willing to explore a gay character. Steven Carrington's character vacillated between men and women and became a sort of forerunner to the Don't Ask, Don't Tell philosophy about gays. It was something he couldn't stand.

After leaving "Dynasty" he recorded three albums in Europe which is where he met his wife. She was working in a cafe in Hamburg when Al was touring over there, working on a film. He released an album, "Square rooms". The song became one of 80's big hits. He also recorded the duet "Thought I'd Ring You" with Shirley Bassey.

His shortlived acting carier praticaly didn't exist anymore when he surprised Dynasty fans by rejoining "Dynasty" cast in "Dynasty: The Reunion" (1991). This time Corley portraited the character of Steve Carrington the way he always wanted to. After Dynasty, Al Corley was rarely seen on TV.

Al has more recently been working in the theatre, after setting up his own development and production company Neverland Films Inc. with a partners in New York. He is a principal with Code Entertainment, and he directed his first movie, "Bigger Than the Sky" (2005), uniting Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings) with his mother, Patty Duke (The Miracle Worker), for the first time on screen.

Al and Jessika have three children, Sophie, Ruby and Clyde. Oldest daughter, Sophie, has Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome which causes severe mental & physical handicaps. Al and his wife are active in organizing fund raiser in order to improve the quality of life for their daughter and other disabled.

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