Adrienne Cassidy
Adrienne Cassidy

Shanna Reed (photo shoot for the second
season of The Colbys)
Series information
Series The Colbys
First appearance "Bloodlines" (1986)
Last appearance "Betrayals" (1987)
Portrayed by Shanna Reed

Married to

Cash Cassidy (19xx-?)

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Scott Cassidy






Adrienne Cassidy, the tortured wife of Senator Cash Cassidy, fought more than one demon in her lifetime. Her husband -- a brilliant politician, who had only married her for the sake of his career -- had an affair with a young woman, Monica Colby, and ended up impregnating her. As if this wasn’t enough, the young woman’s aunt, the powerful Constance Colby, came to the Cassidys and told them they were going to raise Cash and Monica’s child after it is born. If Adrienne hadn’t agreed, Connie would have seen to having Cash thrown out of the Senate.

And so the story began. After Monica gave birth, the Cassidy’s adopted Cash’s son, and Cash named him Scott, after Monica’s middle name (which, by the way was her mother Sable’s maiden name). In time, Adrienne accepted things as they were and she and Scott grew as close as if she were his true mother.

That all changed when Washington sent Cash to California to watchdog Jason Colby’s involvement in the IMOS (Internationally Meant Orbital Satellite) project. There Cash was reunited with Monica and the two’s relationship was rekindled.

When Adrienne showed up she prepared for a battle with Monica. Adrienne knew that Monica did not know who Scott really was and planned to keep it that way. In time, the secret came out, and Adrienne’s world came crashing down. She refused to give Cash neither the divorce he wanted nor Scott, and allied herself with Zach Powers. Sable tried to get Monica to sue for custody of her son from Adrienne, who was not considered a fit mother by Sable. Sable researched Adrienne’s past and discovered a history of alcohol abuse and suicide attempts.

But Adrienne did love Scott, and Monica wanted nothing to do with upsetting Scott’s home life. In the end, Scott was put first. He had his home and his family in tact. Adrienne had both Cash and Scott and that was all she ever wanted. Adrienne won that round.

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